Welcome to Somerset Greenways , Chennai , India

Somerset Greenways

Life should always be about more than just work. With this belief held close to heart, we provide living spaces designed to accommodate both the professional and living needs of our guests.Whether your stay is brief or extended, you’ll find signature touches that present the feeling of being welcomed home, from the very moment you step through our doors. Along with this: a warm, friendly team at every residence, to assist your immersion into each new destination.With spaces to call your own, we ensure an ease of access to the world’s prime destinations without compromising on your lifestyle. Welcome to the Somerset Serviced Residences – where you live where you want, the way you want, and stay for as long as you wish.

We offer an experience that is ready for you to dive in. Through a variety of accommodation, and comprehensive guest facilities and services, we make living easy - which gives you more time to focus on the more colourful cultural aspects of your travels.Formerly known as Madras, Chennai is India’s sixth largest city and the capital of the southern state of Tamilnadu. Being the sixth largest, the 369-year-old city has long been disregarded by tourists, often serving more as a stopover point rather than a destination. But layover or not, Chennai is for the most part, a city worth exploring. Sitting on the Coromandel coast of the Bay of Bengal, Chennai has the second longest beachfront of any municipality in the world.


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